As the Boy Scouts of America gets closer to making a decision on whether it will admit open homosexual boys and men to participate in the organization, a family group asserts that the leadership is ignoring an important factor.BSA leadership has reportedly sent out nearly 1.5 million questionnaires to volunteers and scout alumni posing some hypothetical questions about allowing openly homosexual individuals to participate in scouting. And according to Family Watch International (FWI), the response has been low. But the questionnaire focuses almost entirely on the religious or ethical concerns and ignores the serious implications the policy change would mean for the health and welfare of vulnerable scouts who may be questioning their own sexual orientation. According to FWI, the "critical point" is that "no credible research exists to support the commonly held belief that homosexuals are 'born that way.'" But there is "overwhelming and growing evidence" that same-sex attraction is caused largely by environmental factors and the experiences of boys who are particularly vulnerable to developing it. The pro-family organization reasons that BSA can be a particularly strong influence in a young man's life, as it effectively teaches values, morals, correct principles and survival skills. So, the organization is alerting the public that today is the deadline for people to "share your feedback" on the matter on the BSA website. The final decision will be made in May, and while there is still a chance, FWI President Sharon Slater says it is important to get the message across to headquarters."We've seen a lot on the moral arguments and the religious arguments about why the Boy Scouts should or should not pass this policy," Slater notes, "but we believe it's somewhat irresponsible for the Boy Scouts to consider this policy without looking into the actual health implications, which are well documented, with implementing a policy on homosexual issues."As the physical and emotional health of boys is at risk, public input is important, but Slater says the May meeting will be the clincher, "because this vote is going to be opened up to 1,400 voting members of the Boy Scouts. So, this is not just going to be a decision of the board, and each of the scouting councils, we believe, choose[es] how their voting members are going to vote."Family Watch International will be setting up an outlet on its website for people to continue contacting the leadership of the councils serving their area to encourage them to make the decision that is in the best interest of the boys. Authors: One News Now

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