A women's rights group is questioning an alleged suicide of a victim of forced sterilization in China. The woman was reportedly seeking compensation for years of chronic pain. Forced sterilizations are routine in China. According to Women's Rights Without Frontiers, Yang Yuzhi had been forcibly sterilized twice and suffered from severe pain resulting from the "botched" procedures. When family finances no longer allowed her to purchase the needed pain medication, she began to frequent the local Family Planning Office where she would petition, in vain, for compensation. Spokesperson Reggie Littlejohn tells American Family News that Yang’s family members received a call last month that during one of those regular visits, she had hung herself at the top of the stairs at the Family Planning Office. “When they saw her body, it was covered with scars and bruises,” she describes, “so she appeared to have been severely beaten. My question is: Was this really a suicide?” Littlejohn questions how Yang could find the wire rope, attach it, and hang herself in open view without someone noticing. The president of Women’s Rights points out this would not be the first time the Chinese Communist Party has been suspected of trying to portray a murder as “suicide.” She recalls that in June 2012, Li Wangyang – a well-known Tiananmen Square activist who had been released from prison one year earlier – was found hanged in a hospital room. Police labeled Li’s death a suicide. “And his friend said it was ‘insulting’ and ‘ridiculous’ that [officials claimed] he had hanged himself,” she shares. “So this is not the first time that the Chinese Communist Party would have been suspected of basically murdering somebody and then making it look like a suicide.” Women's Rights Without Frontiers has launched a petition drive and is demanding an investigation into Yang’s death. Littlejohn points out China admits to 336 million abortions under its one-child policy, and to 196 million sterilizations – which she says “too often leave women butchered and maimed.” Authors: One News Now

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