(Photo: Martine Sansoucy) I have always been a true believer in the "right one" when it comes to relationships and many have called me naive for thinking this way. Few of my Christian friends share this opinion, with many thinking that God has chosen several suitable partners for them. Others believe that they are in charge of deciding who they want to be with, assuming that as long as the person is a Christian, God will be fine with it. I agree that at the end of the day, everyone must determine for themselves, who they want to be with and ultimately share the rest of their lives with. However, I knew that entering a partnership of any form would impact my relationship with God and that is why my goal has been to align every decision with His will, especially in the area of relationships. Since I rededicated my life to Christ, I have been waiting for "the one" for almost a decade. I am not saying that I never had a moment where I questioned whether I was limiting my options too much by anticipating the arrival of that one person God had designed me to be with. Of course, there where times of doubt and insecurity. Yet, no matter how much I wished for a family and a loving partner, I preferred being on my own over being with someone I was not sure about. During these years, I trusted Him and assumed that I or my future partner were just not ready for a relationship at that time. Now looking back, I can say that God has been faithful. The last year has been an incredible and at times crazy ride, with the highlight being my marriage in autumn. Crazy, mainly because my husband and I tied the knot after being together for a mere three months. I had always warned my family and friends that I would not hesitate to get married when "the one" arrived. "Why wait if I am sure?" was my usual response when asked why I would not wait longer. I had to repeat this answer quite a lot last summer when I became engaged three weeks into the relationship. The only thing I could say was that I was 100% sure that my now-husband was the person God had hand-picked for me. s, marrying was the most natural thing which followed after God had revealed the man who was to be my husband. The weeks after the announcement of our engagement were tough, with our families trying to talk us out of it or at least reconsider. Some relatives even assumed I rushed into it because I was surely "desperate" after the many years I had chosen to remain single. Understandably, many people around us were worried and we appreciated their concern (to some extent), but from the beginning my husband and I were both resolved that nothing would hinder us from getting married. The reason for our conviction was that God had confirmed His will through dreams, visions and prophesies. Many years earlier I had asked God for certain signs so that I would know a certain person was the one I had been waiting for. God did not let me down, but confirmed everything I had prayed for. However, what was more important was the peace I felt. It was a form of peace I had never experienced before. I had known my partner for a year, but when we first met it had never occurred to me that he would be the one I would spend the rest of my life with. This realisation came much later and it was most definitely not because we had fancied each other first. Our decision to become an item felt entirely led by Him. The peace I felt throughout our engagement has not left me and there has not been a single second in which I doubted my decision. Hearing from God is something you just cannot explain, it is something you know deep inside. This experience once again has shown me how truly faithful God is and how much He wants to bless us. I can say that the wait has been truly worth it. I have been blessed with a lifelong companion who is much more than I ever expected him to be. Authors: Christianity Today

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